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Natchez Trace Youth Academy treats young males, ages 12 – 17. Natchez Trace Youth Academy accepts custodial and noncustodial youth. Youth accepted into the program will have a DSM IV clinical diagnosis of a mental disorder or will have been identified by a mental health professional as having at least moderate emotional and/or behavioral problems and in need of residential treatment.

Both Dependent and Delinquent classifications of state custody are acceptable for admission. The following are some typical pre-placement behavioral characteristics of the youth admitted to Natchez Trace Youth Academy:

  • Truancy
  • Oppositional/Defiant
  • Substance Abusers (non-acute)
  • Chronic Runaways
  • Poor Impulse Control
  • Aggressive
  • Low Self-Esteem

Requested Information for Referral:

  • School records/IEP (if applicable)
  • Immunization Records
  • Court Orders
  • Birth Certificate (copy)
  • Social Security Card (copy)
  • Medical Information
  • Social History Information
  • Confirmation of Title IV-E Eligibility/Insurance Information
  • Psychological/Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Permanency Plan/Family Service Plan/ Individual Plan

Referrals are forwarded to the Director of Admissions either directly for in-state or First Nations Referrals or through the Referring Agency’s Service Advocate for out-of-state referrals.

To send a referral, please fax to 931-296-5415.