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Natchez Trace Youth Academy is approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and DCS Education Division.

NTYA is classified by the state of Tennessee as a private, Title 1, Category 1 school. Our program provides intensive educational services for males, ages of 12 – 17. Students are offered the opportunity to earn a State of Tennessee high school diploma, special education diploma or GED. Natchez Trace Youth Academy operates on a year-round education calendar.

We determine students’ educational levels by reviewing all past educational records including report cards transcripts and previous standardized test results. Students are given an entrance and exit assessment to determine correct educational level placement and progress, using the Woodcock Johnson testing battery. NTYA education staff administers the Career Scope test for the student’s transitional needs.

All previous psycho-educational and psychological assessments are reviewed with respect to the students learning styles, possible classroom accommodations and eligibility for special education services. Psycho-educational testing is provided when needed by our educational psychologist.

Natchez Trace Youth Academy students are given the opportunity to take the End of Course state standardized tests as well as the ACT college exam.

Vocational Training

Natchez Trace Youth Academy has a year-round, on campus school that is licensed by the Department of Education. Classes are held 6 hours a day, during school hours. Students learn woodworking, horticulture, industrial painting, airbrushing, HVAC, as well as business ethics and management.

Students who are identified to participate in the Vocational Educational Training Program are enrolled when they present themselves as not being a safety risk to self or others, which is imperative due to the nature of the equipment used in the classroom.

Therapeutic Recreation

Held Monday through Friday for one therapeutic hour and on weekends, held twice a day, for one therapeutic hour. Students are led by a master’s-level clinician, and the focus of this group varies with the activity. It includes team building, trust and problem-solving.

Skill Building

The Education Department teaches an Independent Living / Life Skills class that focus on the skills needed for each student to live on their own as well as finding a job. This class is held Monday through Friday for one classroom period each semester.