Native American Programming

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Treatment with Tradition:

Native American tradition includes many rituals that tribal members incorporate into daily life. At NTYA we have integrated several of these customs into a specialized component of this program. With utilizing Native American traditions and ceremonies like the Sweat Lodge, Talking Circle and Medicine Wheel, we help the students learn culturally relevant life lessons and become more familiar with their respective cultures.

Breaking the cycle of risk and abuse:

Native American adolescent boys walk a tough road. They’re often torn between American ways and tribal customs and beliefs. Some become the victims of abuse others rebel and turn to alcohol and drugs, which create behavior problems. However these young men have one powerful thing going for them – their Native American culture which provides them a life philosophy and a support system; it can be healing. At Natchez Trace Youth Academy, we integrate Native American cultural beliefs, teachings and practices with evidence – based therapeutic treatment. This produces a well rounded holistic form of treatment and care.

Young men become a part of something bigger:

Helping young people develop a stronger foundation in their Native heritage allows them to discover in themselves what it really means to be connected to the world they live in. When the focus moves from self-centeredness to one of helping and respecting others, a young man’s self concept begins to grow and the ability to problem solve also grows with it. At Natchez Trace Youth Academy, Native American students are given many opportunities to reconnect with cultural heritage and practice new skills both on campus and in the community through service learning outings. Learning to accept change is the greatest development within the community of a Positive Peer Culture. Having a keen sense of ability to develop a trust with others changes each of our lives. In order for a young adult to grow they must learn to accept both the rewards and consequences of life.

If you know of a young man that could use our help or if you have questions, please feel free to contact us.